Jace 6mths

This is sort of a long post but Jace is just so adorable I couldn’t really help myself.

Eysley : A fall family session

This was such a fun family session on a really warm fall day. Miss Eysley is 3 and she makes awesome silly faces! She also had great ideas for posing and a couple of the last images were all her!  Loved this session!

Baby LJ: Newborn session with home movie

After posting my home movie of our girls first day of school, I have received numerous inquiries about whether or not I would be offering this to clients.  I have gone back and forth many times.   Photography is my strength, not videography and I firmly believe in specializing in your strength/passion and leaving the other areas to those that …

Miss Gracie

I have taken pictures of Gracie since she was 3 months old and she has always been the happiest little one.  Here is her latest family session.  Love this 2 year old bundle of energy! Doesn’t she have the best smile?!  

Leah + Chris :: The Party

Here is the rest of the reception…such a fun party-as expected when The Source is your band. The Crown Uptown is SUCH a great venue…that curtain of twinkle lights looked amazing:   Special Bridesmaids song…Wilson Phillips, Hold On. This reception was so much fun to go through because there were so many funny things happening on the dance floor constantly …

Leah + Chris: Married.

Chipping away at the unblogged images from last year.  Here is a wedding that we had a blast at.  One of the craziest in such a good way.  So much fun, I am chopping it up into to two posts. I present Leah and Chris. The Wedding: One of my favorite things after a wedding is looking through Patrick’s images …

First Day of Pre-School

I love seeing her in the same uniform that I wore to school.  She insisted on wearing the most obnoxious headband and shoes that are two sizes too big.   I love how excited she was for her first day, new friends and her big yellow backpack.  Sylv is just excited about having  the house to herself for the afternoon!