Baby LJ: Newborn session with home movie

After posting my home movie of our girls first day of school, I have received numerous inquiries about whether or not I would be offering this to clients.  I have gone back and forth many times.   Photography is my strength, not videography and I firmly believe in specializing in your strength/passion and leaving the other areas to those that specialize in them.  This is the reason you won’t see me do many senior sessions. I feel my strength is in weddings and newborns/families through age 9-10ish.  While some people may want to pull their hair out trying to photograph a 2 year old, I feel right at home. After going back and forth I decided to offer a limited amount of home movie/slide shows to clients on the basis that I am still just a photographer not a videographer. Anything created will be majority still images and any additional video clips have a home movie feel.  There is a cinematic quality that professional videographers bring to a wedding that requires more equipment and a devotion to just video.  Trying to offer a full newborn photo session along with a cinematic video and to do it well would require more people, equipment, and stress on the baby and new parents.  A full newborn session with a few short motion clips added in and I think it can work. So I think I have found a good solution, a happy medium.  Right now I am offering limited home movie sessions for newborn sessions only, with no plans to expand to other areas or to ever become a videographer.  There are some videographers in the Wichita area that will blow you away with their talent in shooting and editing and having that cinematic feel and I will be leaving that to them.

Here is one of the newborn sessions.  I think you will see the “home movie” feel I am talking about and I hope you will agree that there is still merit to the addition of these clips into the newborn session.

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