I Carry Your Heart

Way back in the fall of 2014, Ali Moore and I began discussing starting a collaborative blog for photographers who were also mothers. We wanted a place to showcase our images of how motherhood feels, a way to show our vision of motherhood and how we see our children. We wanted a geographically diverse group of women that could share their view and inspire others. We are now on week 10 and this project has nestled itself in a special place in my heart. It has put the pressure on me to not only keep documenting my kids but to continue to grow as a photographer. I want to be able to keep up with this wonderful group of women that share and inspire me each week. Join in with us each Thursday for a fresh batch of goodness here

This week I shared an image of our youngest and his little monkey. He has grown a love for stuffed animals and can’t crawl by one without getting in a little cuddle with his fingers in his mouth. Here is the other image I took at the same time:


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