What is a lifestyle session? The goal of a lifestyle session is to have images that represent the every day. It is not a portrait session in the traditional sense because a portrait session is directed and posed by the photographer. It is not a true documentary session because minimal direction is given and when a photographer comes into your home, everyone is aware of the camera and actions are going to be affected by it. It is somewhere between the two, ideally leaning more towards the documentary side.

The idea is to come away with a set of images that tell the story of your family with the surrounding space an objects included as a part of the story. These sessions are all about interactions both big and small. I strive to capture the essence of your family in this moment…your connection and movement together…and all the love.

I offer two types of lifestyle sessions: photography and a photo+film session. See Investment for pricing and contact me for more details on setting up a lifestyle session with your family.